WSMC Building Refurbishment

The site comprises a 25 year old three storey office building, prominently and conveniently located close to Woden Town Centre. The client required a full building refurbishment to re-purpose the asset as a specialist medical centre.

Some of the key components of the construction work included:

• New main building entrance including a new entry canopy
• New lift and lift core at the new entrance
• New on grade carpark
• Redirection of main sewer line
• Full Electrical Upgrade including new main switchboard
• Full mechanical upgrade
• Extension of post tensioned mezzanine slab

The construction worked commenced with the ground floor tenant occupying the building. As such the redirection of the sewer main, construction of the new lift core, carpark work and services upgrades had to be closely managed to ensure the tenant was not disrupted as a result of the works.

Delivery Method
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